Counselor’s Log, Stardate 11204.3

This is something that has been in the works for years.

I’ve wanted to create a blog for myself for a long time, but I kept coming up with excuses not to.

Hosting is expensive. Not anymore!

What am I going to write about? Whatever I please. Duh.

Who’s going to read it? Don’t care. Don’t care. Don’t care.

I’m sick of giving energy to my negative thoughts. I’m tired of having to justify doing what I want to do. I’m grown, damn it!

So, here we are. What can one expect from this space? Whatever happens to be on my mind at any given moment. I’ll write about new movies or comics that I’m excited about. I’ll write about video games and anime, too. Hell, I’ll even write about my family and my adventures in wife and motherhood. Doesn’t matter to me.

The point is, welcome to the blog. I’m glad to have you here and I hope you stick around for a while.