Day 14: Rest day

I’ve been doing really well with staying constant with my yoga practice. Today, I’m taking a break. My core and thigh muscles are sore and moving around isn’t easy. I might just work on my arms today.

I’ll still drink my gallon of water. It makes me pee every hour or so, but its a sacrifice I must make for fitness.

Hope things are going well for you guys!


2 thoughts on “Day 14: Rest day

    1. Twillspann – is a mental health and wellness blogger as well as the mother of an autistic person. Her first book, Sad, Black, and Fat: Musings From the Intersections, will be released in August 2021. She is currently completing coursework towards a MA in Special Education at Grand Canyon University. When she isn’t working, Tangela can be found reading, writing, or having serious discussions with her son about appropriate social behavior.
      queenofthenightshade says:

      Thanks! I’m doing my best.

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