Day 16: On the Horizon

When I woke up this morning, the calendar said the date was January 10th. The thermometer, however, was saying that it must be early March because its 60 degrees outside right now.

Its really windy. I can feel the storm that could happen anytime, but at the same time, I’m feeling the urge to start my springtime yardwork. The forecast says that heavy rain and snow are possibilities towards the end of the week. Season changing weather. It is amazing.

I have no idea how people are still denying that climate change is real and happening. It must be the people that don’t pay any attention to nature. The seasons are confused. The animals certainly are. The few birds that I saw outside were wandering around looking lost as hell. The neighborhood dogs are all barking like crazy and I haven’t seen a cat. It means something is going on.

Keep an eye on the medically fragile. If you or someone you know are susceptible to seizures, I would be on my guard. A few that I know have already had some nasty seizures and those that could speak report feeling odd. Not to mention, I have been having sinus pressure induced migraines. Not pleasant.

Something is happening. Be aware.