Day 20: Don’t try it with me

Yesterday, on my personal Facebook account, I was virtually attacked for reposting a pro Planned Parenthood meme.

Reproductive health and justice is something I’m passionate about and I can defend both easily. I’m proud of myself for only responding with facts and reliable links. I’m also proud of my best friend and husband for doing the same.

I think you have the right to believe what you want, but don’t push your incorrect opinions on me and present them as facts. I am not the one to condescend towards and you should never insult my intelligence. It pisses me off faster than anything. If you want to debate, we can do so in a civilized manner, but don’t be a asshole. I will call you out on it, without hesitation.

I’m still a little salty about the whole affair, but I guess this sort of thing happens all the time when you stop being delicate with other people’s feelings.