Day 26: Love is fun and stupid

On this day, ten years ago, a guy I didn’t really know asked me to be his girlfriend.

This was groundbreaking for me. Guys didn’t do that, save for one or two other occasions.

We met on Myspace. (Long time ago, right?) I’d been ignoring a message from his sister for a few months. She said that her brother had just gotten out of a messy relationship and I seemed like his type. It lingered in my inbox until a lonely evening in December. What the hell, I thought, as I typed him a quick message.

Instant messaging technology has really come a long way since then. This was before the time of Skype and FaceTime. We had to use windows messenger and connect with our words. I remember talking to him every night, neglecting sleep many an evening.

Before he asked me, I hadn’t even thought about any romantic implications. I was just happy to have a friend to talk to. There was really no pressure to commit to anything. Just conversation. That’s probably why his question caught me so off guard. I agreed off-hand, not really thinking about a serious relationship. It was a far flung fantasy, considering the five hour distance between us.

Boy, was I wrong.

It’s been ten years since that night. We’ve been through quite a lot of ups and downs, from moving cross country to making our families understand; even parenthood and marriage. It’s been one hell of an adventure. I often ask myself what would have become of me if I never took a shot on a random internet stranger. I usually don’t like the answer.

Happy anniversary, Wolf. I love you to pieces. Here’s to another decade of love and trust.