Day 28: Introvert issues

Does being around other people for long periods of time drain other people? It drains the hell out of me. I just need to tap out after a while.

My sisters in law have been visiting every other weekend. They want to move to our area and are scoping out jobs and apartments. This is all well and good, but my husband and I are the only people they know here. They spend a lot of time with us.

I love them, but entertaining company starts to get old sometimes. Especially, when it overstimulates your autistic son and he won’t stop trying to impress the company. He becomes annoying with his incessant attempts at comedy. I know it’s not really his fault, but I end up ditching him at his grandma’s because I need a break. It’s hard trying to be a parent and have an enjoyable evening at the same time.

I really feel guilty about my inability to handle all the energy being thrown out at once. Sometimes, I hide in my bedroom because I can’t deal. My husband is good about it, but I still feel bad. I don’t want to seem like a bitch but at the same time, I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know what else to do.

Hopefully, we can all adjust easily and these visits won’t be so hard on me.