Day 39: Small Victories

In order to maintain good mental health, I’ve decided to praise myself more often. This is what I’ve done today.

  • Managed to make it through the work day with a smile on my face.
  • Wasn’t as sad about politics because I focused my attention on Beyoncé’s pregnancy!

(Psst. Did you see those pics? If not, go find them. She looked happy and content and I’m so happy for their family. Black love is winning out here and folks are mad. Stay Mad.)

  • Made some tasty crock pot chili so dinner and lunch tomorrow are set.
  • Continued writing daily in addition to studying.
  • Did a little exercise with the kids today. I managed to work up a good sweat.

Yay for ME! I’m doing awesome!

(Remember to force that enthusiasm, kids. Fake it till you make it.)