Day 50:Conversations with Wolf

We are on our way somewhere in his car.

Wolf: Are you free Tuesday?

Me: I’m going to work. You have to work too, right?

Wolf: Yeah, after that I mean.

Me: I don’t think I have anything planned. I’ll probably have homework to do.

W: We should see if someone can watch the boy for us.

M: Why? What’s going on?

W: I’d like to go to dinner or something.

M: We don’t need a sitter for that. We take him with us all the time.

(Wolf gives me an odd look that I pay no attention to because I’m watching the scenery go by.)

W: You do know what Tuesday is, right?

M: Yeah. The fourteenth. I get paid the next day. So what?

(Wolf is quiet again for a little while.)

W: Okay honey, just try to keep your schedule open Tuesday night.

M: If you say so.

It was a full twenty minutes later when I realized what he was getting at.