Day 54: Flower Power

It’s Friday and the weather has been gorgeous. I know this isn’t the case everywhere and I’m grateful.

I’d love to get out in the yard tomorrow and maybe get some sunflower seeds in the ground. It’s still a little early, but nature seems to think that Spring is here, so I’ll be following nature’s timetable.

Have I mentioned that I love sunflowers? Probably. I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen.

All species are great in my book, but I have a special affection for mammoths. There is just something regal and majestic about a bloomed mammoth sunflower. Head still high, before the seeds are formed. Still able to turn its neck and follow the sun. Unbowed, Unbroken.

Eventually, the bees and other pollinators do their job and the weight of the seeds becomes too much. Our majestic flower is forced to lower her crown in order for her offspring to be great in the future. Each flower makes hundreds of tiny flowers inside. Each little flower can become a seed. Seeds that need to be nurtured, just like the parent was. If one has several sunflowers, it can become challenging to know what to do with your harvest. Having a plan helps.

Goodness, I got a little misty talking about sunflowers. I have a habit of relating each flower to a mother bringing up her children. A black mother is my vision, but it can work for whatever you need it to.

Either way, I think people should aspire to be more like my Mammoths. Dig your roots deep, hold your head up high and chase the sun!