Day 68: Switch

The Nintendo Switch was released today and I am in a state. My need is Mighty.

I don’t have one and have no means to get one.

I’ve been trying to ignore all the hype surrounding the new system and have been failing miserably. All the preview goodies that Nintendo has put out look stunning. Breath of the Wild alone makes me consider selling all my worldly goods to get my hands on it.

I haven’t wanted a Zelda game like this since Ocarina of Time and that was a while ago.

It’s also very likely that the next Pokémon game will be released on the Switch. It hasn’t been announced or anything, but I’m sure of it. I finally bought a DS for this very reason. I’m full of sadness because I know I won’t be able to justify this one to myself.

Oh, the reviews I would write. I’d finish side quests and buy DLC just to be able to cover the gaming experience accurately. It would be grand.

If only…