Day 86: Animal Protectors

The past several days I’ve been dreaming about animals. Let me tell you about them.

On the first night, my dream took place in a sort of medieval era. There was kind of a zombie apocalypse situation going on and most of the cities had erected giant walls to keep the zombies out. There were bands of protectors that escorted travelers from town to town. This was my job.

I was armed with a long spear and accompanied by a huge elephant. She would let me ride as we did patrols and we had matching armor and headdresses. I can’t really call it effective armor, but it was made with lots of pretty beading.

There was a battle with a zombie hoard and I got scratched on the calf. I could feel myself turning so I left my group to wander with my elephant until the end. She didn’t allow any harm befall me. I can remember getting really cold on my right side and then I woke up.

The next night, I had been charged with caring for a little girl named Ellie. This child couldn’t have been a day older than three. She was an albino with the signature light hair and pink eyes. Ellie seemed terrified of everything except the sea, so we spent a lot of time near the water.

One day, A huge sea dragon emerged from the waves. It was mostly white, but seemed to have a golden shimmer coming from it as well. I felt no fear as it spoke to us. The dragon wanted to grant Ellie’s deepest wish. The girl looked between myself and the dragon before wishing to be with her mother again. Nodding once, the dragon allowed us to ride on its back. It dove beneath the water and swam as fast as anything I’ve ever imagined. Ellie and I had no need for air. The dragon was taking care of that somehow.

Eventually, we resurfaced on a different beach. There was a woman waiting for Ellie and cradled her up on sight. The woman looked just like Ellie and I assumed it was her mom. I didn’t say anything and the dragon didn’t try to get rid of me.  I just lay across it’s back and we bobbed along the shoreline. I woke up after that.

Last night, I was cleaning my room when there was movement coming from a pile of stuff in a corner. I went over to investigate when I discovered a penguin hiding among my belongings. It didn’t seem bothered by me, more like it was upset that I had disrupted whatever it was doing.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the penguin but I knew that it’s name was Pequeno. I know that means small, but I didn’t question it.

I found a cooler in my basement and filled it with ice. Pequeno just kind of hung around as I went on with my business.

All of these dreams were vivid enough for me to remember this much detail. I’m not sure what they mean, but they must mean something. Hopefully, something good.