Day 88: Struggle Bug

Today’s post was supposed to be dedicated to things that make me happy. I really tried to do that, really I did. My depression decided that I didn’t need to think about happy things. I could only get as far as Pokémon. So, I’ve decided to talk about my favorite Pokémon. This list is in Pokedex number order not “How much Lilly loves them” order.





The first Pokémon in the Pokedex. (Victini doesn’t count in my world.) This grass type with a bad attitude won my over instantly. The anime also did a good job of making the ill tempered, vine whipper quite loveable. That was probably for merchandizing reasons, but whatever.










The mystical nine tailed fox. I really love fire types. They are arguably my favorites. Ninetales also has the mythological background to boost it in my esteem. They recently acquired an Alolan variant that is an Ice/Fairy type. Pretty neat.









How would you like a giant, flaming tiger dog? That’s pretty much what you get with Arcanine. They are excellent in battles. Extreme speed is a move that almost always goes first and rarely misses. The big puppy can also take a hit. They have served my teams well over the years.











My forever favorite psychic type. There will be other psychic entries on this list but Alakazam has a special place in my heart. This Pokémon had one of the highest speed stats in Pokémon Stadium and a decent physical defense to go with it. Plus, I wish I had a real one to hang around with. They seem so rad.









Not a lot of folks care for this lonely little grass type. With forgettable stats and unpopularity, many people only catch them for completion’s sake. I was the same until I took a chance on one in my Soul Silver play through. It wasn’t much for battling but it really came through in the status effect arena. Plus, It’s hard not to love a Pokémon that shares a given name with me.









Lapras was once confined to the role of HM slave in most parties. HM slave means that you only used them for certain transport moves like Surf, Dive, and Waterfall. People who didn’t use this dual Ice/Water type were really missing out. Lapras’ good defense and high special attack makes for a good team member. Good for more than just swimming around on.









I was going to stop after Lapras, but I had to sing this Pokémon’s praises. Does you Pokémon squad need a tank? This is the guy for the job. I prefer to catch a wild beldum and do the needed training and evolutions to get a metagross. Their defense is out of this world and higher lever Metagross can learn some pretty devastating moves such as Hyper Beam and Meteor Mash.




That’s all for now. This is a short list and there are plenty more where these came from. I may just save them for another post. Did I not name your fave? There’s a good chance of it. As of the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon, there are 802 Pokémon to know and love. Tell me about your top pics in the comments. They may just be part of another list I make!