Day 89: Give Thanks

I’m thankful today.

I’m thankful that enough of our lawmakers decided to be decent humans and get rid of this ACA replacement nonsense. For now, at least.

I’m also thankful for this past week of free time. The rest was needed and appreciated.

I’m thankful for the ability to unplug when I need to. I can’t imagine how terrible it would feel to be trapped by the news and social media to that extent. It must be awful.

I’m thankful that my son would rather play video games at home instead of trolling the mall for girls with his friends. My heart isn’t ready for that yet.

I’m thankful that my family and my husband have changed their minds about each other. Things are so much more peaceful this way.

I’m thankful that the weather is getting warmer and more rainy. The plants need some sense of normalcy because they are very confused by all this climate change.

I’m thankful for my followers. There aren’t many of your just yet but I’m not worried about that. I glad to have all of you on board with me.