Day 104: A Quick Poem

My happiness isn’t scary or offensive. I can laugh as long and as loud as I please.

You should find some joy of your own.

My pride in myself and my Blackness has nothing to do with you.

Stay out of my way.

The way I move my body is an expression of myself. Fast or slow, I’m gonna go.

Don’t judge my groove.

I don’t smile because I don’t want to. What does that have to do with you?

You aren’t the boss of me.

I’m gonna cry. Don’t try to stop me. My tears are probably your fault. I’ll sob if I wish.

Deal with it.

Let me be angry. Let me get loud. Let me deal with my rage in a healthy way.

You don’t own me.

Stop trying to contain my emotions. They aren’t going anywhere.

Perhaps, you should.