Day 123: Let Down

I’m not the best parent, but I try to keep promises I make to the boy.

Today, I let him down.

The FIRST Robotics championships are in town for the next few days. Seeing as how the tickets are free, I told him we could go. He’s only ever wanted to be an engineer when he grows up. It’s one of his fixations that has lasted the longest. The boy was pretty excited.

Imagine my surprise when I read the schedule to discover that all of the cool events happen while we are at work and school. During the day.  All of the evening events are for the sponsors and competitors. I was crushed. I hated breaking the news to him. He didn’t seem too disappointed, but I know he really wanted to see the robots. We can’t go any other day because he’s leaving on a Boy Scout trip tomorrow after school.

This wasn’t in my control, but I still feel as if I’m at fault here. I can promise him something else to make up for it, but this was a big event. Things like this don’t come around often in the Midwest.

I’ll figure something out.