Day 138: Looks

I’m not much of a makeup person. I’ll use it every now and then, but it’s still rarely. Even when I indulge my own vanity, my looks are really simple. Foundation, maybe some eyeliner and a colored lip. I usually stop there. As a result, I’m not the greatest at it.


Snapchat does a much better job than I.


I’ve tried to do a couple of eye looks but they didn’t go well. I looked like I lost a fistfight. Plus, the palette I used irritated my eyes and I was itchy for a few days afterward.

Practice will help my skills and I know this. It’s just hard to find motivation to practice. Sometimes, I’ll watch tutorials on YouTube and make myself sick with jealousy and envy. Those folks know what they’re doing and they make it look effortless. I need to watch someone just figuring it out, like myself. I’m sure it’ll help my confidence.

Anyway, I’ve got a free evening. I may end up trying some things. I hope my new palettes don’t hurt my eyes.