Day 206: Cool it

Heat wave day 3: People have started to lose it. Nobody is in a pleasant mood. At least another four days of 100+ degree temps are expected. Stay hydrated.

Speaking of losing it, don’t be that guy.

You know the one.

The guy who always has to offer their opinion when nobody asked for it.

The guy who dismisses other people’s feelings.

The guy who thinks poor people deserve to be poor.

The guy who turns up their nose at the gay couple across the room.

The guy who believes that their life success is totally merit-based.

The guy who avoids homeless people in the street as if they are contagious.

They guy who thinks racism is over and Black people need to stop talking about it.

Stop it. Think about it.

To be like this in the year of Our Lord, 2017…ugh.

It’s not a good look.