Day 242: Desert Rose

Working in special education, you come across many different kinds of kids. Able bodied kids, kids with problems learning, kids with problems controlling themselves, kids that can’t control their bodies. There are also the medically fragile kids. Kids with severe medical disabilities that still deserve to learn, despite their struggles with even staying alive. Their day to day lives are more difficult than anything most people could imagine and still, they have such strong personalities and will to keep going. It’s truly miraculous and it’s easy to get attached to them.

All of the kids I’ve ever worked with are so loveable and wonderful in their own ways. It’s hard, however, when one of them starts doing badly. It’s hard when praying for them isn’t enough. I’ve had a couple of my old students pass away and its as if I’d lost one of my own. You love them that much, whether you are trying to or not.

Another one of my kids is having heart complications tonight. I watched her struggle with congestive heart failure for three years and hearing about this is crushing. She just started sixth grade a few weeks ago. I hope she can pull through this but I know her body is tired. Between the fluxuations and surgeries, there’s only so much one can take sometimes.

I’ve prayed for her and her mother. That’s all I can do at this point.