Day 272: Disrupt

I was at a protest this weekend. There was a really good energy from the crown, but the police presence was very intimidating. It felt as if they wanted a fight, they were itching to get something started.

Wolf and I didn’t stay as long as I’d hoped because he was fed up with the bad vibes coming from the cops. I complained about it but his instincts were very accurate. While leaving the area, we saw waves of officers suiting up in riot gear. Many more than what could be considered necessary. There was also a police helicopter flying around, watching the entire situation. It really looked as if they weren’t planning on letting anyone leave the protest easily. They’ve become known for kettling people whether they were breaking the law or not. I’ve never seen more police in my life and it was terrifying.

I will probably go to another protest, but when the cops start getting antsy…

It’s time to go before things get ugly.