Day 278: Academia

I’m good at school. I’ve always been an amazing student and have become a wonderful educator.

I just wrote a beautiful paper for my collective behavior class. It felt really good to put together and I sounded like I knew exactly what I was talking about. Stats, quotes, personal opinions, the whole nine. It’s beautiful.

If this doesn’t get me an A in this class, I’ll know something.

Forgive the arrogance, but I needed to toot my own horn. I rarely do and I’m working on that. I’m smart and can express myself well. My portfolio will be a thing to behold.

Toot Toot, bitches!

One thought on “Day 278: Academia

  1. lavenderandlevity – Lavender writes under a pseudonym, but she wants people to know that it isn't out of shame. Experiencing trauma, learning disabilities, mental and/or chronic illnesses, are not shameful! She works in big data, but volunteering for social justice, mental health and invisible illness advocacy groups and peer supports are among her true passions. She also loves improv comedy, pretending she knows how to craft, reading, cooking, taking up new hobbies and then abandoning them three months later, traveling, staying up until the wee hours of the morning talking about life, the universe and politics, and practicing modified-for-hypermobile-joints yoga.
    lavenderandlevity says:

    Rock on!

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