Day 284: Forced Perspective

Today I woke up with an odd feeling. Something like disconnectedness.

I don’t think that’s really a word, but I’m going with it.

I could tell my depression wanted to act up today. A person shouldn’t wake up and immediately want to cry. That’s never okay.

There are things in my life that make me want to cry and be a sad sack all day. Many things that are very easy to dwell on. I could list them, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll list the good things I have going right now.

  • I’ve been named a contributor for Unabashed Magazine. Launch date is set around October 10th.
  • I’m working on a review of some things from jko Cosmetics. Be on the lookout for it soon.
  • My first round of classes for the Fall semester is over and I did well.
  • I’ve found a new company to get my teas. Ivy’s Tea Co. is awesome. I might write a review about them too, but I haven’t decided.
  • I’ve been able to go out a little bit more.
  • My son has finally decided to start reading Harry Potter and I can’t wait to share this fandom with him

I think that’s it for now. Typing it out does make one feel a little better about their lives and it’s always a good idea to honestly check in with yourself sometimes. Don’t always dwell on the bad things. It’s unhealthy.

3 thoughts on “Day 284: Forced Perspective

  1. pursuitofnatural – I'm an illustrator! The Pursuit of Natural started as a blog on the hijinks, lowjinks, and lessons learned from going natural, and it's my home base for all things art, natural hair, and more.
    pursuitofnatural says:

    Congrats on your accomplishments. I had one of those mornings recently and spent almost an hour crying. It’s better to remind myself of the good things in my life but not always as easy.

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