Day 289 jKo Cosmetics

This is a little different from my usual posts but I had to tell you guys how great jKo is!

I found this company on Twitter while I was looking for Black owned businesses to support. This small cosmetics company doesn’t have a wide range of products, but what they do have is wonderful.

My first order consisted of their Body Butter in “Strawberry & Cream”. I coupled that with a shimmering, chocolate scented body oil called “Cocoa Kisses”. Both products smelled amazing and I though wearing both would be fine. The body butter seemed difficult to spread on my skin, but the coverage improved over time. My body heat probably warmed it up a bit. I coupled it with the body oil. Cocoa Kisses also helped soothe my super dry skin and left me shiny and sparkly for several hours. Overall, I liked both products and I decided to order something else.

The second time I ordered jKo’s Serene Skin facial cleanser and a lip gloss. My facial skin can be very sensitive at times and I was looking for gentler alternative that could still do the job. Upon my first use, I could tell that my skin would be happy with this product. It has a light minty aroma and left my skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

My gloss is a gold shimmer called “24 Karat”. I totally adore it! It doesn’t feel heavy on your lips and it adds a beautiful shine. I caught myself staring at my reflection in the sunlight more than once. There is little I like more than sparkles on dark skin!

Here’s the best part. jKo’s products are fairly priced. I haven’t spent more than $20 for any of my orders. If you follow them on Twitter, there are also discount codes and secret sales announced regularly. If you use the code “BEATCANCER”, you can save 15% off your purchase. That saved money goes towards the Breast Cancer Support and Research fund.

I am really happy with everything I’ve ordered from this little company and I’d encourage anyone to give them a shot. Here’s a link to the website!