Day 296: Workload

I took this day to get through some of my heavy academic workload.

One of my classes is suggesting that to get an A in this class, I am required to do between 18 and 25 hours of work per week. Just for that class. Not counting the other two classes I’m dealing with for the next six weeks.

18-25 hours. That’s a part-time job.

In addition to the stressful full-time job I already have,

and the two other classes that I need to eventually escape this institution’s clutches,

and my Autist son who gets weird when he doesn’t get enough attention from me,

and my husband that I barely have energy for on the rare occasions when we see each other.

I’m going to complain. I have every right to complain about this self-imposed Hell I’m mired in.

Sorry, not sorry, if that bothers you.