Day 299: An Update

I didn’t paint my face yesterday.

I wanted to. I had every intention of doing it, but I got distracted making dinner and cleaning up afterwards.

I did get to dress up a little today. Church is one of my only excuses to put on nice clothes. I didn’t wear any makeup today either. Sometimes, my skin doesn’t react well to it and its a mess for a few days. I’d rather not deal with that at the moment. My skin is reacting nicely to the regimen that I’ve cobbled together. Many of my dark marks are clearing up and my skin feels healthier in general.

In other news, I may have a panic attack over this stupid part-time job class. I expected this sort of workload in graduate school, whenever I got to it. Graduate programs also tend to not let you take more than one or two classes at a time. I’m struggling with this full load. I just have to push through it. Something like this could destroy my grade point average and I am not about that life.

Keep my sanity in your thoughts and prayers.