Day 313: All Fall Down

I honestly feel like the Universe punishes me for having a good time.

It never seems to fail. Every time that I can honestly say that I’m feeling good or having a good time, The Universe quickly bursts my bubble.

My current example:

My husband and I actually got to spend a couple of days together. He and my best friend have birthdays within days of each other so they had a split celebration last night. It was wonderful and much needed. He got a promotion recently and our schedules don’t really sync anymore. Taking into account our current living situation, we can go days without seeing each other. It’s hard, but we’ve been managing.

Today, however, ruined our peaceful weekend. Someone saw fit to ruin my love’s peace of mind with baseless allegations. He’s crushed and really hurt about the whole situation and the person that is causing the turmoil won’t stop. She insists on being hurtful and it’s killing him.

I can’t tolerate anyone hurting the people I love most in the world. It takes everything in me to let him deal with this alone. All I can do is love him and support him and let him know that.

It pisses me off that I’m so helpless here. My head’s all messed up. I can only hope things will be better tomorrow.