Day 331: Giving thanks

I’m thankful that today went so smoothly. No arguments. No infighting. Just one minor head trauma. Kitchen cleaned and house emptied by 5.

I’ll call that a success.

I’m thankful for my big family. My cousins are an eternal trip and their kids are growing up the same way. My mom is getting old but is still the boss. Has no problem keeping everyone in line.

I’m thankful for my little family. My son ate his food and retired to a corner of the house to play Xbox in peace. He’s learned to adapt when there are more people than he’s comfortable around. My husband has blended right in with the rest of my folks. He accepts things that have been going on for ages and rolls with the punches. He’s my shoulder to lean on when I’m consumed with exhaustion.

All i need now are my comfy pajamas, hot chocolate, and a warm fire.