Day 336: Scrooge

Today, I got cornered by a woman who was way into Christmas. We were waiting to checkout at Walmart. She had a cart full of decorations and made sure to tell me how excited she was about the holidays and how her husband already had the lights up and how she did the tree Thanksgiving night. She obviously couldn’t tell how uncomfortable I was even though I kept dropping my bags of Reese’s Pieces.

At some point, she managed to ask if I had my tree up already and I politely explained that I don’t really care for Christmas. The poor thing look appalled and asked if I was “one of those Jewish types” and said that “that other thing they do with the candles looks fun.”

I was past politeness at this point. I told her that I’m not Jewish, although Hanukkah does seem lovely and that my crippling depression makes most days, including holidays, suck balls.

I was kinda funny how flustered she got. I switched lines and paid for my candy in peace.

The nerve of some people.