Be Present for Today

It’s Back to School Eve for me again!

This time last year, I spent the day coloring with my son and relaxing. Today, I’ve got some appointments to keep. Booked and busy, as they say.

People are going to ask how my summer went. I always have issues with coming up with an answer. I spent most of my summer on the couch, watching The Office. Didn’t really travel. Nothing very exiting.

It was fine, but not much to talk about. I’m not sure what type of stories people are expecting, but I don’t have them.

I could talk about how I’ve been struggling, physically and mentally. I could let people know how many times I’ve cried to my therapist. I could let people know how cranky I’ve been with my husband. I could tell people how guilty I feel for taking my hard-earned two months of couch time because I’m not getting paid.

I doubt people would be into that.

So, instead, I’ll play nice. I’ll be pleasant and make small talk.

I’d rather not, but that’s what people do.

Today, I’m going to remember my peace. I need to remember that work is going to be fine. Business as usual. Nothing to be nervous or irritated about.

Or to lose any more sleep worrying about.

Today’s mantra:

I’m going to be present for today’s things today and worry about tomorrow’s things tomorrow.