Hello again.

I know its been a while but things have been moving and shaking in my personal life.

I started going to therapy consistantly in July. I can say that the healing process is messy. Things can definitely get worse before they get better, but you have to commit to doing the work. Its worth it. You’re worth it.

It is a dailly struggle to live better. Dealing with my depression head on is the hardest thing Ive ever done. Although there are days when I dont think I can make it, I manage.

Having said that, I have noticed the Universe is allowing more positive things to come my way. I’m starting to embrace a spirit of gratitude and things are moving in a positive direction. Some things I can’t discuss right now, but there is a major thing that I can speak on.

A few months ago, I started the process of preparing for bariatric surgery. I didn’t have a huge issue with my weight, but I wanted to be healthier. Physically and mentally, I needed to change. I’ve been waiting for my insurance to make a decision all this time and I was formally approved for a vertical sleeve gastroectomy (VGS) December 1st.

My surgery date is December 24th and I start my liquid diet today.

The purpose of the 10 day liquid diet is to shrink the liver in preparation for surgery. The liver partially covers the stomach and it would be in the way during the procedure. Since, the procedure is being done laproscopically, it would be harder to get around the liver without shrinking.

I’m terrified, but hopeful.

I know this process is something many people have questions about and I’m willing to use this platform to share my story. Tackling my mental wellness as well as my upcoming physical challenges feels daunting, but I know this was the right decision to make. Hopefully, as usual, I can be a use to someone in their time of need. I will also answer any question that I can along the way. I can make another post about the weigh-in/insurance/behavior change journey of my last few months if anyone is interested.

My official pre-op weigh is 323.6 pounds. Let’s see where this trail leads.