I was going to write a very deep and insightful post about my 10 day, pre-op liquid diet. However, I’m on the last day and my energy level is shot. My instructions were to skip liquid protein supplements for the last 48 hours and I can’t think very well. My thoughts are sluggish, but I’ll try to soldier on.

The past ten days have been interesting. My body has been preparing for the new adjustment as well as I could have expected. The first few days without solid food were hard. I was cranky, irritated, and really wanted a cheeseburger. I couldn’t drive around without lusting after every fast food place I saw. Going to the grocery store became overwhelming. I almost started sobbing in the middle of Walmart on day 3.

Something I feel like I was unprepared for was the liquid poop. I should have put it together before I crossed that bridge. If only liquids go in, only liquids come out. Sometimes, they have an urgent need to come out as well. My suggestion is to remain near a comfortable bathroom during your liquid phase. You don’t want an embarrassing story to add to your weight loss journey.

My relationship with food is changing. At one point, I dreamed that I was eating an entire pan of macaroni and cheese. When I realized I was sabotaging myself, I was upset. Not only after the dream ended, but for the rest of the morning. I was mad about things that never actually happened. Mostly because I knew how easy it would be to ruin all the good I was doing. Just one weak moment and I would set things back for possibly months. I was going to do better.

The last few days, I’ve been a slug. The lack of protein is really setting in. I don’t have the energy to do much more than eat popsicles and sleep. I’m sure the rest is good for me, but it does put a damper on Christmas prep. I didn’t do much shopping or wrapping. I never put up a tree, either.   Oh well. I can do more next year.

My surgery is in the morning. I’ve lost fifteen pounds this week and an additional ten pounds since my surgery journey started in July. I’m hopeful that this surgery is an extremely useful tool for me to get healthier. To improve my life and attitude about it. I’ll continue to keep everyone posted about my adventures along the way.

Merry Christmas to those who partake.