Rambling On and On

I didn’t write a blog post this week.

This sad fact is 100% my fault. Call it poor time management if you like. I’m good with that.

My time has been more scattered this week.

I have all my typical teacher stressors going on. Add on to that traveling to visit sick family members and being concerned about their health. Toss onto that pile a heaping helping of trying to build the future I want for myself, and you have a recipe for one exhausted teacher/wife/mother/published author/mental health blogger/geospatial analyst.

God, that’s a hell of a list.


I didn’t write a blog post this week.

Right. Try to stay focused.

So, how are you guys doing? Swimmingly, I hope.

I hope that the changing seasons aren’t bringing you down. You job is giving you that promotion that you deserve. That person you took a chance on is willing to try as well. I want nothing but success for you and yours.

Mine too, but yours as well. Everyone could stand to be doing a little better in this nutty world we live in.


I need more of these little pods of Hellfire

Did I mention how I didn’t write a blog post this week?

I needed to, but, you know how life can be.

It’s November now and it’s freaking cold and dark where I live. I wasn’t prepared for the SAD, but who ever is? The first frost came through and took care of the few plants that were enjoying a longer growing season. I hate watching my plants wither and die after I spent the past eight months loving and nurturing them. That’s just how it goes. I know that’s how nature works but the knowledge doesn’t make things easier.

I saved a couple of my pepper plants and they’ve moved into my living room for the winter. Hopefully, they will bear fruit again next season.

That last statement was kinda weird. It reminded me of a sports team that worked hard to make it to the playoffs just to get eliminated in the first round.

“Tough luck, gang. Better luck next year.”

That was a weird thought but I guess that’s fine because,

As stated previously…

I didn’t write a blog post this week.

I did, however, come across some cute babies on the internet this week. During one of my time killing/wasting spells, I stumbled into cute baby TikTok. These new littles are pretty adorable. The cuteness was wreaking havok on my hormones. I have no desire to birth another child. Honestly, I didn’t want to birth the first one, but that’s beside the point.

That happened a while ago. I should move on, right?

Not really sure where this is going but

As you know…

I didn’t write a blog post this week.

My mental health is doing better, despite this small writing faux pas. Some cool things are happening professionally that I will be more than happy to talk about as soon as it it okay to do so. I’ve been proud of all the work I’ve been putting in, despite my regular bouts of “I’m tired and I don’t want to think anymore” syndrome.

The depression isn’t gone, you know. I’m not cured. Just coping better.

Despite This…

I didn’t write a blog post this week.

I’ve had a few brain stalls this week. This is what I call it when I have a lot of things I need to be doing but instead, my brain decides to be really focused on a small speck on the desk in front of me. Then, I have to think about the wood of the desk. Is this actual wood or particle board? If it is actual wood, where did the tree come from? Did the whole forest get cut down to make furniture or are this trees’ relatives still alive and well? Do plants have family systems in the wild or do they not care that much? I know there are massive fungi that are all one living organism, but do trees feel connected like that too? What about the animals in the woods? Is there interpersonal politics going on in the underbrush that I should be aware of? Sure, there’s the whole predator/prey dynamic going on, but is there more drama than that? Maybe there are two rival clans of beavers competing for resources in the shrinking forest that are sworn enemies. Perhaps there’s a murder of crows that gets together on Sundays to fly into the nearby town to terrorize people having bunch on outdoor patios. After their afternoon assault, do they link up again back at somebody’s nest to cackle at their own hilarious antics?

Meanwhile, I’ve been staring blankly at the top of my desk for ten minutes. Does that happen to other people or am I just amazing?

I literally have no reason to lie to you.

In Conclusion…

I didn’t write a blog post this week.

Have I told you that I love you lately? I know I say it every week, but I mean that shit. I don’t want anyone to think it’s just a weird sign off I made up. Loving others costs me nothing and it’s easy to do. I really love you. I have no reason not to. You’re great and I hope you believe that too. Tell others that you love them more often and watch how your life begins to change. I know it sounds dumb but give it a shot. What have you got to lose?

The End

What kind of blogger am I? Not writing posts and subjecting my readers to this weird, mental rambling and what not?

The best kind. That’s what.

Love you. Be safe. See you next week!