Hi there, I’m Lilly.

I’m a writer, educator, student, wife, mother, and player of video games. I like sunflowers, bumblebees, crochet and giant fighting robots. Be sure to ask me about Pokémon if you have some time to kill.

I’m quite nice, once you get to know me.


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  1. Teresa Mupas – Pontevedra, Spain – Teresa Mupas is a wanderer of planet Earth, writer and poet, English teacher, yogini, auntie, sister, cousin, daughter, and teacher. Born in the shower of a tidy suburb of Detroit to a set of hardworking Filipino parents, she now lives off the Atlantic coast of Northern Spain and once lived in a crowded, hot city in central Thailand. She daydreams, and often wonders what the world would be like if we all unleashed our inner artist souls and danced to the rhythm's of nature.
    teresa mupas says:

    Hi Lilly!

    I just read your article on SpokenBlackGirl, and felt it. I’ve also really enjoyed your blog posts. So real. I’m also a contributor for SBG and just wanted to reach out, send you love, and hopefully make a connection. You’re beautiful and awesome.

    Keep on, woman!

    1. Twillspann – is a mental health and wellness blogger as well as the mother of an autistic person. Her first book, Sad, Black, and Fat: Musings From the Intersections, will be released in August 2021. She is currently completing coursework towards a MA in Special Education at Grand Canyon University. When she isn’t working, Tangela can be found reading, writing, or having serious discussions with her son about appropriate social behavior.
      queenofthenightshade says:

      Hello Teresa,

      Thank you for the kind words! It’s amazing to hear that my words are connecting with people. It means a lot.

      Don’t be a stranger,

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