Writing Prompt #1

I have a very hard time keeping the creative juices flowing sometimes. Everyone does, I know. I’ve decided to post some of my efforts to keep the fire burning. I bought a book of writing prompts and will be posting my favorite results. There isn’t a required length but there are a few guidelines for each prompt.

Today, for example, has the title “Love of Each Other’s Lives”. The following words must be used.

  • piano
  • fish
  • store
  • ceiling fan
  • behave
  • breathe
  • describe
  • irritating
  • enthusiastically
  • righteous

Here’s what I came up with. Let me know how I did!

The first thing I was aware of this morning was the quiet tapping of the ceiling fan. Its regular clicking, which had been soothing the night before, had become a bit of a nuisance now. Our room had cooled considerably since sunset and the breeze was irritating now. The second thing was the weight and warmth of the arm draped across my back. It wasn’t an unpleasant warmth. In fact, it had become a calming presence in my life over the years.

I cracked open an eye and noticed that the Sun hadn’t fully risen yet. Our little beachside room was still mostly covered in shadows, but shafts of pinks and yellows were seeping in. The promise of another bright day was beginning to make itself known. We probably had another hot one in store too.

My love grunted quietly beside me, their breathing speeding up slightly. Their grip on my hip tightened a bit before relaxing again. I could tell them to relax and behave, but it would fall upon deaf ears. Possessive, as always, but they had nothing to worry about. I wasn’t going anywhere.  

The ocean sounded closer than it had last night. The smell of rushing waves and grilled fish still hung in our room. Not unwelcome, but still present. A seabird was enthusiastically squawking somewhere down the beach and I smiled. The faint sound of piano music and conversation found its way to me as well. I imagine another pair of resort patrons had a jazz fixation. I couldn’t make sense of much but the word “righteous” jumped out clearly. Their tone sounded irritated.

“Too bad”, I thought. How could anyone argue in a place as beautiful as this.  

I rolled over slightly to thread my fingers through the ones lazily resting on my hip. Our newly adorned rings clinked together as I moved.

Last night was amazing.